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Private Well Resources for Minnesota Home Owners

Considering moving to a hobby farm or lake home without public utilities? Many acreage properties are too far away from public water supplies and require a private well as a water source. It is important to have a good understanding of groundwater management when considering a home with a private well.

This is not just a rural concern either. Many older homes in urban and suburban communities will have wells either sealed or unsealed on the property. Proper disclosure is required when a home is sold.

There are several excellent internet resources available to the private well owner.

Minnesota Department of Health A comprehensive resource page for well management including information on well construction and water testing.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Ground Water information page provides a variety of water and well resources.

Find a Unique Well Number Helpful tool for looking up a specific unique well number for private Minnesota wells.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Basic information on what you need to know about groundwater.

Private Well Resources